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The Remarried Life

Oct 10, 2017

Brian Mayer talks about money and whether or not it should be kept together or separate.  More couples are deciding to keep their accounts more separated.  Especially for those coming out of divorce, there is a lot of mistrust that has been built up from past negative experiences regarding money.  We will tackle this and much more.  We hope you enjoy today’s message.  For more information and additional resources please visit our website at

Today's Goodies

  • More than 40% couples in the United States, have separate accounts in addition to separate accounts.  Other countries have significant portions of the population that also like to keep money separated.          
  • Couples that choose to keep accounts together cite things like unity, transparency, and increase communication as causes and effects of keeping money more comingled. 
  • Couples that choose to keep accounts separated cite independence, ease during emergencies, and convenience as reasons. 
  • What influences keeping accounts separate?  Sometimes lack of trust or complete differences in spending and saving habits will fuel the separation.
  • Brian discusses where he stands on the issue.  He says either together or separated is acceptable but each one takes lots of communication and transparency.        
  • Make sure to ask lots of questions about spending habits.  A good start is a 6 question quiz at

Resources Mentioned

  • A free website called Mint lets you input all of your accounts to quickly see all balances at once, do budgets and much more.  I have been using this website for well over 5 years and highly recommend it to help increase transparency among couples. 
  • All things Dave Ramsey.  This guy is the guru when it comes to no nonsense help with you money.  Checkout Dave Ramsay’s radio show here.
  • He also has a great book called The Total Money Makeover and a step by step program to help turn your financial life around called Financial Peace University.      

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