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The Remarried Life

Nov 19, 2019

Brian Mayer talks to Ron Deal, Greg Pettys, and David Edwards about their new book called The Smart Stepfamily Guide to Financial Planning.  As we discuss all the time complications in blended families are a given.  Finances is a subject for blended families that is no different.  Today we have a great interview lined up with all 3 authors that we are excited to bring to you.  We hope you enjoy today’s message.  For more information and additional resources please visit our website at

Today's Goodies


  • Ron Deal:  founder of Smart Stepfamilies, director of FamilyLife Blended for Family Life, author of many books for stepfamilies.  He is also a licensed marriage and family therapist and popular speaker
  • Greg Pettys has well over 30 years of experience with securities and life insurance and regularly speaks with Ron at his events
  • David Edwards is an estate planning and elder law attorney who also speaks at Ron’s Smart Stepfamily events. 
  • Here are the questions we will be tackling on today’s episode:
    • What inspired the three of you to team up to write a book for stepfamilies and financial planning? 
    • Trust is a big issue for couples in remarriage because of past hurts.  What would you say to a couple where one or both are very timid to want to even move forward with financial planning together because they have a fear of being hurt again?
    • Talk About the Groundwork Couples in Blended Families Should lay Before proceeding to Planning Including Values About Money (i.e. a spender versus a saver, money as security versus money as enjoyment, Dave Ramsey calls them Nerds versus Free Spirits etc).   
    • What is the “Togetherness Agreement” and Why is it Important
    • Discuss the importance of Merging and the Concept of the “Three Pots of Money”
    • What are a couple of the most common issues that come up with a former spouse when it comes to financial planning in a new family? 
    • What are the most important things to consider with financial planning when it comes to the kids in the blended family?
    • Let’s Talk About Retirement.  You Talk About a 5 Step Process.  What are some important concepts to consider in this process?
    • What else have we not covered that would be important for my listeners to know about stepfamilies and financial planning? 
    • What is the best way for listeners to pick up a copy of your book? 
    • Any other resources that either you or others have produced that would be helpful for the listeners? 


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As always remember that marriage is not something you have, it is something you do.  Talk to you next week unless you are binge listening in the future in which case I will talk to you in about a minute!  Take care.