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The Remarried Life

Sep 26, 2017

Brian Mayer speaks with the Couples Expert, Stuart Fensterheim about his journey through the dark days of divorce through recovery and then into his current and healthy marriage.  Stuart provides hope to those that are hurting by explaining that no relationship is beyond repair.  He encourages us to seek out the help others through things like couples therapy.  When the divorce has already occurred, he talks about divorce recovery support groups as being the key that helped him turn his  The keys he says can lead to a more fulfilling marriage and family life include patience, proactivity, fun (aka phun), perseverance, and personality.  In addition to talking through what makes these so important and the biblical principles that are at their foundation, he also gives practical tips you can implement today.  We hope you enjoy today’s message.  For more information and additional resources please visit our website at

Today's Goodies

  • Brian discusses how he has come full circle with the Journalism degree he earned more than 20 years ago as host of this show.  
  • Stuart discusses the dark days of his prior marriage.  You will definitely want to hear him discuss his conversations with his kids and how one simple sentence from his daughter, “Dad, you and mom really don’t fight that much” helped shined a light on a new normal that was not healthy for anyone in the family.      
  • Stuart talks about divorce recovery and the power of joining a recovery group.  He said the most beneficial part of the groups was hearing others stories so he knew he was not alone.  He also drew strength from his family especially his parents during this time.    
  • Finally, he discusses how the relationship with his wife Debbie is much healthier.  He attributes this to paying attention to the small things and taking time to verbally show his gratitude, love and encouragement.    

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