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The Remarried Life

Feb 25, 2020

Brian Mayer talks about the blended family journey and the necessity of seeking out three other couples to walk alongside.  Some have referred to having a Paul (a couple ahead of you), a Barnabus (a couple in the same generally area in life) and a Timothy (a couple just a few steps behind).  If you can surround...

Feb 18, 2020

  • We devote many episodes of this podcast to our own thinking, feeling, actions.  Why do we do this?  Because it is the only thing sometimes that we are able to control.
  • I mean think about your spouse, your biological children, and your stepchildren.  They all have different things going on, different things they have...

Feb 11, 2020

Brian Mayer talks about the Valentines Family tradition.  Not only should Valentines Day celebrate each other as spouses but should incorporate the kids as well.  We hope you enjoy today’s message.  For more information and additional resources please visit our website at

Feb 4, 2020

Brian Mayer talks about how an increase in disagreements and arguing can often be a result of some voices from your childhood.  Feeling like you don’t measure up to your spouse or that your spouse does not care often will be magnified because someone in your past either said these things or made you feel...